Monday, July 8, 2013

Playing with Patterns for SEWN Class

I spent the weekend painting papers for the online SEWN class. I had lots of strips of watercolor paper leftover from book making, so that's what I used. In the first photo below, the lattice design on the bottom is a stencil sprayed with Dylusions and Adirondack colors.


Vellum that my friend Jann brought that I painted with Twinkling H2Os. The vellum paper curls as soon as it gets wet!
I had pinned a lot of scallop patterns so I painted one for myself. It was time consuming - not fast and spontaneous! The strip above the scallops is from cleaning my brush between colors. I like the contrast of the two styles.
Here's fast and loose!
This one was painted fast with India Ink and Twinkling H2Os. I slowly added the dots afterwards.
In the next photo there's a stencil on the top, another strip I created as I cleaned off the brush, and the bottom strip is a stamp I carved.
My favorite strip from painting on Saturday. The grey is acrylic ink that I am loving. The bright pink center diamond is Daniel Smith watercolor 'Opera'. 
I pinned a lot of herringbone patterns. The lattice on the top is from Stencil Girl's Stencil of the Month club.
Playing with color on color
Adding pen lines
Off to make this week's assignment - a pattern book!


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Say It In Color said...

Awesome patterns!!! I am behind and looking back at some of these that I missed....great designs and colors!!